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Monday, December 16, 2013


Photo of Chatham business student visit to the Pittsburgh Google office with Dr. Chung in February 2015.Welcome to Professor Rachel Chung's Digital Marketing website!

This website is designed as an online repository of learning materials for the Chatham University course BUS213 Special Topics: Digital Marketing in the Global Marketplace.

Students enrolled in the course will access course instructions and materials through this website, and the Moodle site for the course.

These learning materials are designed to facilitate student team participation in the 2014 Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC).

Course Description
This course introduces the students to the digital platforms that transforms marketing in the global marketplace, including the Internet, search engines, online advertising platforms such as Google AdWords, and digital analytics platforms, such as Google Analytics. Through participation in the Google Online Marketing Challenge, the student will critically apply principles of advertising, marketing analytics and research methods.  Prerequisite None

Student Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of the course, the students will be able to:

1. Describe how the Internet and search engines, and Google Platforms work, and their implications for global marketing online
  • Assessments: Final Assessments for Internet 101, Google Analytics Fundamentals, and Google Analytics Platform Principles
2. Analyze digital marketing challenges and opportunities in the client’s current environment
  • Assessments: GOMC pre-campaign and post-campaign reports
3. Propose digital advertising solutions, focusing specifically on Google AdWords, to address the client’s digital marketing needs in the global markets
  • Assessments: GOMC pre-campaign and post-campaign reports
4. Optimize online advertising performance using scientific experiments and quantitative analysis
  • Assessments: GOMC post-campaign reports

To learn more about what students do and learn as part of the challenge, please feel free to explore the following websites:

Carlow MBA students reflected on their learning experience with Dr. Chung

The official Facebook page of GOMC spotlighted Dr. Chung's class in 2012!

Client Testimonials
"During the GOMC challenge, my Chatham student team provided a fresh and positive perspective to my online marketing. Their key strategies that we implemented more than tripled the traffic to my web site. With their additional recommendations, my online marketing will continue to be effective and gain more traffic. My experience has been an eye-opener and delightful" ~ Mj Callaway of RockMoreSales.