Analytics Experiment

Guest Speakers

A lifelong computer geek, Timothy James is currently a Partner Technology Manager at Google and helps retailers with technology processes to get their products into Google Shopping.  He teaches undergraduate classes in Computer Science at the University of Pittsburgh where he enjoys making jokes during lectures and helping students with career development.  Prior to Google, Timothy has worked in a variety of technical roles in the financial services, telecommunications, defense contracting, and consulting industries; he's also spent some professional time frying fish and making sandwiches.

Chris Vella is a Search Analyst at Lunametrics where he provides his clients with organic and paid search consultation. He is certified in Google AdWords and has passed the Google Analytics Individual Qualification test. Some of his skills include building content strategies, keyword research, and on-page optimization. His happy clients continue to experience growth year over year. 

Sarah Peduzzi has been working as a Paid Search Analyst for two years, helping businesses effectively drive converting traffic to their websites. She also frequently teaches LunaMetrics AdWords training classes, and has taught students in Denver, Las Vegas, New York, Washington, Boston and of course, Pittsburgh. Sarah’s background includes experience in SEO, copywriting and landing page design -- all of which work together to drive the best traffic to a site and provide the best experience for each user. Read her industry blog posts on the LunaMetrics blog, or follow her on Twitterand Google Plus.

Shayla Vinston, Chatham alumna, and member of the Chatham Business and Entrepreneurship Advisory Board, is a digital marketing consultant.