Analytics Experiment

Week 13 (4.6.2015): Online PR and ORM

Monday Class Agenda
·         [Marie] Discussion Lead 8: Online PR and ORM

Complete TA6 before Wednesday Class
·         Preliminary campaign results and discussion
·         Comparing the ROI of Content Marketing and Native Advertising

Wednesday Class Agenda
·         Campaign Review

Complete IQ19 before Friday Class
“Discrimination in Online Ad Delivery” by Sweeney 2013   
Google Sorry for Narendra Modi images in 'Tope 10 Criminal' list
Friday Class Agenda
·         Article discussion: Sweeney

Complete TA7 before Monday Class
·         Post-Campaign Proposal Template: Conclusions and Recommendations

Additional Resources
·        Future of Search
·     Five Myths about Google (Washington Post)
·       Data Monopolists Like Google Are Threatening the Economy
·     Online Ad Revenue At Risk in War on "Click Fraud"
·    Fraudsters Exploit Weaknesses in Apple Pay

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