Analytics Experiment

Week 1 (1.5.2015): Course Introduction

Monday Class Agenda
·         Syllabus
·         Ice Breaker
·         Set up gmail
·         Set up blogs
·         Set up Dropbox
·         Sign up for newsletters
·         Why is digital marketing important? See this 2015 news article and this one
Complete IA1 before Wednesday Class
·     Review Discover GOMC
·     Create a Gmail account: if you do not already have one
·     Sign up for Lunamtrics’ blog
·     Sign up for Impaqt’s newsletter
·     Sign up for Google Analytics blog
·     Follow GOMC on Google+
·     Sign up for Think with Google newsletter
·     Sign up for Dropbox

Wednesday Class Agenda
·         Overview of GOMC
·         Discuss team formation

Complete IA2 before Friday Class

Friday Class Agenda
·         Internet 101
·         TA1 instructions

Complete TA1 before next Friday's Class
Complete IQ1 before Monday Class
·    Stukent Chapter 1: Internet Marketing Foundations
·    GOMC Digital Marketing Course: Introduction to Digital Marketing (48 min. - Skip Carolina Rustica case study - you have already seen its video)

Additional Resources
HTML courses by Code Academy

Google Webmaster Tools


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