Analytics Experiment

Week 6 (2.9.2015): Analytics

Monday Class Agenda
·         Exam 1

Complete IQ9 before Wednesday Class

Wednesday Class Agenda
·         [Karen] Discussion Lead 2: Analytics

Complete TA3 before Friday Class
·        Team Assignment 3: Draft Pre-Campaign Report Part 2

Friday Class Agenda
·         AdWords Campaign Review
·         Managing your client

Complete IA5 before Monday Class
·     Reading 1 “Finally, A Majority of Executives Embrace Experimentation” (PDF file available in Moodle)
·     Reading 2: “How to Design Smart Business Experiments" (PDF file available in Moodle)
·     Not All Scientific Studies Are Created Equal (4.5 minutes)

Additional Resources
Google Analytics Measurement Protocol
SkyGlue is a powerful add-on tool for Google Analytics that helps web analysts to get more out of Google Analytics. With SkyGlue, you can automate Event Tracking for your website, zoom in on visitor analytics, and export and integrate your Google Analytics data with your own database or CRM.